Men's Groups

Join this powerful, supportive group to receive frank, heart-connected feedback from other men within a confidential and growing space. You make use of the group to explore your specific life challenges and conditions unique to being men. Explore how to more skillfully:

  • Integrate emotions and intellect.
  • Build community with men.
  • Align your daily actions with larger vision and values.
  • Balance your needs with intimate partners.
  • Enhance self-confidence.
  • Work skillfully with sexual attraction.
  • Come to terms with the nice guy in you in times when you'd prefer integrity.
  • Manage feelings of anger, depression and anxiety.

You will be encouraged to speak more authentically and openly about what you are thinking, feeling and experiencing. The group and its specific intentions are further created by the men who show up.

Contact me for a free consultation. The group fee is $55/session.