When: Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, ongoing enrollment
Where: North Berkeley/Albany at 902 Curtis Street
Who: Kevin Orzech Psy.D. & Knute Anderson, Psy.D.
How Much: $50/week. Group runs for 8 weeks.

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*Also recommended: David Cook, L.Ac. is the creator and founder of The Berkeley Method. The Berkeley Method incorporates a multi-layered approach using acupuncture and other natural therapies to effectively treat a wide range of illnesses and pain. The Berkeley Method philosophy is...no matter what health condition or pain condition we are experiencing, actively addressing our “Life Basics” will help support and encourage the natural forces of our bodies which are the true healers of disease, pain and suffering. For more information, please visit www.berkeleymethod.com or call 510-499-7630 for a free consultation.

Bodymind Healing: An Integrated Approach for Stress and Pain. Michael Mayer, Ph.D. see: http://www.bodymindhealing.com/

Mindfulness Groups - Background

A powerful method of cultivating joy and freedom in our lives is training our mind to be present and accepting. Mindfulness is this quality. Mindfulness training has grown substantially in medical and psychotherapeutic settings over the past twenty years. Often credited with origins in Buddhism, mindfulness is an ability we all have, yet uncommonly cultivate.

Mindfulness-based groups, such as those initiated by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Marsha Linehan, and others, offer training that has shown to be efficacious for alleviating depression, anxiety, pain, emotional reactivity and stress. Fundamentally, such groups are about practicing and training our minds to stay with and accept our here-and-now circumstances, whether pleasant or unpleasant.

Mindfulness has become a foundation in my daily life and psychotherapy work. I have practiced mindfulness meditation for over fifteen years and led groups over the past five years. I trained in California and Massachusetts with Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teachers trained by Kabat-Zinn. The groups I lead meet weekly and have education, practice and sharing components similar to MBSR formats.

When we cultivate mindfulness, we learn the difference between primary pain (existential pain such as cold, loss, sickness) and secondary pain (our reactivity to primary pain such as being angry, depressed or fearful about our circumstance). From our direct experiences, we see that primary pain becomes acceptable and secondary pain becomes optional. Concentration and relaxation are also common byproducts of the training. Overtime with practice, mindfulness becomes a psychological power and skill that we can apply most anywhere and anytime in our lives to increase ease and reduce distress. It affords us awareness and the freedom to choose how to relate to difficult physical, emotional and mental states.


N. Berkeley/Albany, Tuesday or Wednesdays, 7:15-8:45pm

8-WEEK COURSES FOCUSED ON THE REDUCTION & SKILLFUL MANAGEMENT OF CHRONIC PAIN You will learn mindfulness, a powerful, empirically validated method to manage physical and emotional conditions, especially chronic pain. Mindfulness is a mental skill we all have yet rarely learn to cultivate; it is a way of paying attention, non-judgmentally to our here-&-now experiences.

RESEARCH STRONGLY SUPPORTS THAT AS A MEMBER OF THE 8-WEEK MBSR GROUPS, YOU CAN EXPECT TO: *Reduce your physical pain *Increase your power and skill to cope with difficult bodily states *Lower your reliance on medications *Significantly alleviate the depression, anxiety and stress that accompany the pain *Quiet your emotional and mental reactivity to pain *Increase positive emotions such as joy, ease and gratitude *Enhance compassion for yourself Each class is 1.5 hours long and will consist of instruction, mindfulness meditation practice, and group discussion. Participants will be asked to commit to a daily home practice. Guided practice CDs are given out to support your practice. We will also offer assessments of the changes in your levels of pain, discomfort and distress throughout the course.

CONTACT THE GROUP FACLITATORS: *Knute Anderson, PsyD. (925) 234-6676* *Kevin Orzech, PsyD. (510) 981-2187* *We also welcome replies by email* This course is limited to 8 members in order to provide focused attention and assistance in applying mindfulness to each individuals life goals.

Group cost is $50/week. Group runs for 8 weeks.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a group course first begun in 1979 by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. MBSR is an eight week course which combines meditation and elements of yoga to help patients cope with stress, pain, and illness by developing moment-to-moment awareness. The course rests on the idea that the ways in which we think and behave have a significant effect on our physical health and recovery from illness. 25 years of research on the benefits of Mindfulness-Based courses has been very promising. Initially successful for the alleviation of chronic pain for patients who did not respond to traditional treatment, subsequent research has demonstrated that people completing MBSR groups may also experience the following long-standing benefits: --Reduced physical distress and chronic pain --Improved overall health and quality of life --Increased activity levels and sense of vitality --Increased sense of meaning in life --Stronger immune function --Decreased blood pressure --Improved sleep --Reduced anxiety & depression --Enhanced self-esteem and self compassion --Reduced tension and irritability --Fewer headaches --Reduced substance use/abuse

Group Facilitators:

Kevin Orzech, PsyD – Dr. Orzech is a clinical psychologist in Albany and Berkeley. He is adjunct faculty at the Wright Institute training therapists in addictions work and mindfulness-based treatment. He has extensive experience as a mindfulness teacher, practitioner, and researcher. He has published work on the effects of mindfulness on physical and psychological distress. He is a passionate, warm teacher who lives these practices.

Knute Anderson, PsyD – Dr. Anderson is a clinical psychologist with a private practice in Orinda, CA. She received training in behavioral health during her internship at UCSF’s Psychosocial Medicine Clinic and specializes in treatment that integrates psychotherapeutic and mindful, body-based interventions to alleviate distress and psychological trauma. As a dancer and former yoga instructor, Dr. Anderson brings over 20 years of practice in mindful movement to her work.

A commitment to the full 8 weeks is required. This group is limited to individuals with chronic pain conditions. Please contact either Dr. Orzech or Dr. Anderson to discuss your interest in the group.